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Blue Exorcist Special Event at Anime Expo 2024!

Join Aniplex of America for the Blue Exorcist Special Event at Anime Expo 2024 on Friday,
July 5th, in Petree Hall! This event will feature Nobuhiko Okamoto (the Japanese voice actor for Rin Okumura) who will talk with us about all the amazing things within the Blue Exorcist series (especially Blue Exorcist -Beyond the Snow Saga-)!

The audience
will also get a special first look at the brand new Blue Exorcist game, Alterna Vvelt -Blue Exorcist Another Story-

This event will be live-streamed for fans on Anime Expo’s YouTube and Twitch!
Panel Name: Blue Exorcist Special Event
Date: Friday, July 5thPetree Hall
Special Guest: Nobuhiko Okamoto

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